Sunday, June 22, 2008

NEW Feature!!! The progress map!!!

Carlos has applied his phenomenal Adobe Illustrator skillz to the challenge of creating a cogent visual expression for the progress of our sojourn through Sud America. Below is the result of his efforts (click to enlarge):

To complement his efforts, I've done a bit of statistical work. To date, from Philadelphia to Valparaiso, we have traveled a total of:

8,459.2 miles or
13,613.8 kilometers

Hopefully, we'll be able to keep this feature up to date as we move along, and maybe add some new statistical elements (empanadas consumed, photographs taken, litros de cerveca, etc.)

But for now, it's time to finish our exploration of Valparaiso... Ciao!


Chau said...

Thanks 'los. But the map is still too small...I can't see the city names.

Eddy said...

How'bout an update?!!?