Monday, June 2, 2008

One night in Rio...

Had a great first night last night. On the recommendation of Carlos´friend in Rio, we went out to Lapa, an area of bars and clubs on a couple of streets that surrounded a huge aquaduct. The street life was electric, dozens of vendors selling all kinds of food, all of it really cheap and most of it really good. Despite the drizzle, there were tons of people out, mostly all Brazilians. We bounced around to a couple of places, then just strolled around the main plaza beneath the aquaduct.

It was great to people watch. There was a huge party going on at the Shell station (yes, a gas station) They were selling much more beer than gas, and there were probably 150 people milling about drinking and blasting music out of their cars. We bought a few tallboys of Skol beer and joined in the fun for a bit.

Probably the highlight of the evening (beyond even all the tranny prostitutes we saw) started as the bars were winding down. We stumbled upon a big group of people playing drums and singing under one of the arches of the aquaduct. We stayed for a while, watching the action and drinking. It seemed like everyone was there, from dancing little girls (really little, like 4) to old men and everyone in between. There were several old guys who were the life of the party, in addition to drunkenly leading the singing, they´d walk up to us with their cups in hand, looking for us to pour them a bit of beer.

All in all, a great first night out in Rio.


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joooony said...

yay! welcome to the blogger neighborhood :) i hope you guys all come back knowing a few sweet dance moves.