Friday, June 6, 2008

After a full meal in Orou Preto

On this day for lunch, we visited a typical restaurant from the Minera Gerais region, in Orou Preto. The buffet consisted of several rice dishes, stewed meats and a spread of salads and veggies.

Dan was the mastermind as he consulted his magical book, or the Lonely Planet guide for a good place to eat. As you can tell from the pictures, the hills, the walking and the food took a toll on us.


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javier2216 said...

hey, reporting here, make sure u guys go to check out Lina Bo Bardis buildings in Sao paolo, the Pompeia cultural center and the Modern art Museum, also the sculpture museum by Mendez de Rocha and Neimeyers park, the big park that u will find in the map.....also try some japanese food, Sao paolo has the largest japanese community outide of Japan in the world,, at least thats what i read,,,,hope everything is well....later, will post some more