Sunday, June 8, 2008

Last night in Sao Paulo

After some down time, a nap and a couple of fresh haircuts, we hit the town for our last night in Sao Paulo. We decided to re-visit Via Madalena (one of the nicer areas of Sao Paulo) and meet up with Natalia (a girl we met in Rio), and some of her friends. It was a very entertaining cab ride as we nearly clipped a guy on a motorcycle while the driver described to us how beautiful the women are in Brazil. We arrived safely and met Natalia and Isabel and but were shortly joined by four more of their friends.

Caipirinhas started flowing and the conversation on the table quickly turned to a mix of Spanish, English, some french and of course, Portuguese. Isabel then invited us to a party where one of her friends was going to dj and off we went. I think we all agreed that we would never have found this place on our own nor in a guide book. The place was like a small warehouse in someone`s former house. The music consisted of samba, some jazzy tunes, a small mix of reggae and some American hip hop. We kinda danced the night away, met some local folks and had a great time.


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